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Extraordinary event planning and strategy for nonprofits, the conservation community, and mission-driven businesses connected to the outdoor economy in Maine.

Extraordinary Maine Events

Offering dynamic, well-planned, and smoothly executed events, strategic donor stewardship, impactful fundraising, partnership events, and unique outdoor adventures. We'll work with you to design the event you need to meet your engagement goals, budget, and targeted audience.


Targeted event planning & management creates



Events are the key to engaging your community and connecting them to the work you do. At Ceci Danforth Events, we specialize in designing and executing a wide range of events and experiences to fulfill your engagement and fundraising goals, and provide meaningful connections for your current donors, customers, or clients.

CDE works with you to present unique and memorable experiences for your constituents, whether you're a nonprofit organization or Maine business committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Mainers.

Connecting your donors to the impact of their generosity doesn't begin and end with an event. We can work with you to craft strategic communications and marketing plans along with a robust follow-up stream that will deepen your relationship before, during, and after their experience.

Current donors vs. new donor acquisition. Major donors vs. the majority of your donor base. Friendraisers vs. fundraisers. We'll work with you to identify your goals, strategy, and messaging to craft impactful events for each segment of your audience.

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